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Women In The Mix
April 2013

Cindy Mahlberg recently visited with me about the choices I’ve made in order to give priority to my family, my work, my marriage and more. 

 Cindy and her business partner, Nicole Seawell, have launched a new project, Women In the Mix.

Women in the Mix strives to shift the conversation so that individuals focus on the entirety of their lives and are empowered to make informed choices to create a thriving work-life mix at each stage of life.  

Cindy and Nicole describe themselves as “women with a passion for working in and out of the home” and see their mission as one “to inspire and empower women to create the work-life mix they want”.

That said, I’m thrilled to be featured in a Women In the Mix profile.  Read Cindy’s interview about my work/life mix story here:

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